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Best practices for promoting new brand corner, assistants and filters

The new Miele brand corner creates a win-win-win situation for;

  • Retailers: due to automatic updates and experience improvements, we are removing any additional effort and helping to sell more
  • Consumers: due to an optimized brand experience we offer a personalized consultation, Miele-specific product advantages and USPs to support their individual product decision-making
  • Miele: due to a consistent brand representation and corporate identity across EMEA 

To mutually benefit from a win-win-win situation, we need to ensure qualified user traffic in the new Miele brand corner and create visibility via prominent positioning of the Miele brand corner on Your webshop. Consumers looking for Miele products or research a certain Miele product category need to be given the opportunity to find the new Miele brand corner and product assistants/ filters in order to provide the necessary support in their product decision-making journey.

Below are some examples of good promotion;

a) After search result integration

On search term “Miele” > land on new Miele brand corner (front page)

On search term “Miele Washing machine” > land on category page in the Miele brand corner with integrated product filter


On search term “Miele washing machine” > land on after-search category result page including prominent teaser banner into the new Miele product assistants.

b) Integration into search recommendations

c) Integration into Miele product detail pages

d) Prominent teaser banners into category overview pages

e)  Prominent integration into (brand) navigation

f) Assistant summary landing page to promote all consulting sevices across various categories and generate potential cross-selling opportunities

Updated on October 15, 2019

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