About Zoovu

Zoovu is the globally leading SaaS platform which enables easy creation, maintenance and optimization of Digital Assistants which are used online, mobile and at the Point of Sale – without heavy development resources or any IT programming skills. 

Digital assistants help consumers choose the right products for one’s individual needs and preferences, by replicating the role of a qualified and knowledgable sales representative in the digital world. Digital assistants engage consumers and educate them through an interactive consultation to recommend the best fitting product. 


Syndication Overview

Miele is helping shoppers find the ideal product, across the Miele assortment and positioning Miele and its Retail Partners as a trusted assistant supporting users in their individual shopping journey through;

  • Easy integration with customized branding
  • A future-proof, scalable, and channel-agnostic solution
  • Agile optimization and A/B testing, with shared customer insights

Digital Assistants and Filters explained

Digital Assistants are the online equivalent to a well-trained and knowledgable in-store sales assistant who listens to shoppers to understand specific needs and requirements, while also educating the shopper on specific product features, USPs and conveying how specific product features fit one’s individual needs.

Digital Filters are Miele-specific product filters, which allow detailed filtering into Miele’s USPs and technical features (compared to overall category filters including other manufacturers). This allows consumers to get a targeted product selection for the individual user’s requirements and preferences, by limiting the product recommendation to a handful of relevant results, to increase the likelihood to convert the user. 

The aim is to remove friction and help consumers make informed decisions while giving them the personalized guidance they demand. This encourages quicker and confident purchase decisions through a simple interactive experience. 

How will Retail Partners benefit?

  • Unique and consistent brand experience to improve loyalty and the customer journey
  • Capture and reduce the number of shoppers who would have otherwise been lost in the sales funnel due to indecision and choice overload
  • Increase conversion of devices and category growth (20%+ Uplift to units sold)
  • Boost average selling price (ASP) (5-10%) 
Updated on October 14, 2019

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