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Setting up your offer data

All assistants and filters work based on original Miele product data which is then merged with your own offer data, based on the available EAN code.

The term “offer data” describes:

  • Product price (price without currency symbols or other text; comma as the decimal separator, preset column name:  price)
  • Offer URLs (the links leading to your product detail page) (URL including the protocol part; e.g http://domain.com/product/22334.htmlor //domain.com/product/22334.html) (preset column name: offerurl)
  • Product image URLs (e.g. http://domain.com/product/22334.png or //domain.com/product/22334.png) (preset column name: pictureurl)
  • Product names (preset column name:  name)
  • EAN numbers (preset column name: EAN)

Sample offer data structure:

It is recommended that you use these same column names for easy data matching.

This data is mandatory and should come directly out of your system and be updated regularly (e.g. once per day or once per hour). You can then be sure that prices displayed in the filter or assistants are up to date and match those on your live webshop.

What do you need to do in your system to be able to have automatic offer data updates?

  1. Create a CSV file in the correct format (Encoding: UTF-8; Separator: semicolon; Field delimiter: quotation mark; Escape character: backslash) and with the necessary content (you can combine EANs of all categories in one single data file or split the file into individual categories – whatever is more convenient for you)

  2. Connect it to your inventory control system (or similar) to get the most recent data at any time.

  3. Store the file on one of your own servers (FTP, sFTP, http or https)

  4. Implement automatic and regular updates of the file stored on your server. Keep in mind that the file name always needs to stay the same for the automatic update to work. Every time you update a file, the old file should be overwritten.

Your contact at Miele VG can also provide a sample CSV file for clarification.

Adding additional information

It is also possible to add additional information to the offer data CSV file for display in the assistants or filters. Some additional columns are already predefined – if you use these columns there is no need to adapt anything in the assistants.  Please note that the columns need to be named exactly as displayed below.

1. Availability: Input the values 1, 2 or 3; each value has a specific color assigned to it (Traffic light system)

1 = available immediately / in stock – text will be displayed in green
2 = available within x days – text will be displayed in orange
3 = not available – text will be displayed in red

2. AvailabilityText: Input the desired text for each of the three values above in this column, so that it matches the availability terms used on your website.

3. Rating: Input a decimal value between 1 and 5 (average product rating)

Updated on October 14, 2019

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