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Subcategory Preselection

In the case where you wish to have your users enter an assistant or filter with a preselected answer, you can do this by passing a preselection parameter within the URL link to the integrated assistant.

Note: if you are using the Loadbee brandcorner this will already be set up for you!

This is useful if you want the user to enter the filter for a specific subcategory (e.g. bagless vacuum cleaners). 

To do this you first need to get the question and answer origin ID from your assistant or filter;

1. Open the assistant or filter (it doesn’t matter if you open a preview link or the already integrated assistant)
2. Right-click on the question text and click on “Inspect”

3. In the menu that opens up in your browser, search for the element “data-smrt42-q-origin” and note the numeric value down (in this example case it is 123017):

4. Next, right-click on the answer you want to be preselected and click on “Inspect”. Search for the element “data-smrt42-a-origin” and note the numeric value down (in this example case it is 594890).

5. Next, you need to form the parameter that you will need to add to the end of your link leading to the integrated assistant or filter.

It always follows the structure: 


So for the example above it would be: &preselection=123017,594890

Your full link could then look like this: 


Updated on October 14, 2019

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