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Synchronizing changes on the assistants and filter

The assistants and filters are not static but are subject to regular semi-annual changes or changes due to changes to the Miele product assortment.

The new assistants and filters allow any changes with minimal effort. The changes will be performed on the Master assistants and filters by zoovu and propagated to all retailer copies. When this happens, you will find a notification stating “New updates were introduced in Master Advisor. If you want to synchronize your Advisor with Master use the apply button visible on top”.

Before synchronizing your assistants and filter, you need to make sure that the last draft of the assistant and filter is published. 

  • Synchronize your assistant or filter by using the apply button
  • Go to the integrate tab and “Activate All Localizations”
  • Publish the assistant/filter
  • Push the changes to live by using the “Go-live” button in the “Integrate” tab

All changes to the assistant and filters should now be visible in the live version on your website.

Updated on October 14, 2019

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