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Uploading your offer data

As a first step, you will need to upload your offer data to each assistant and filter product cateogory in the zoovu platform, to ensure that all prices are displayed correctly and all links lead to your own webshop. The process is consistent across all assistant and filter categories.

Once you log onto the Zoovu platform, you land in the “Advisor” tab. To upload your offer data, go to the “Data” tab.  It is the second tab from the left in the top navigation:

The “Data” tab contains a separate product collection for each assistant and filter category. A product collection simply describes the area for each assistant and filter where the product data and offer data are stored and where automatic updates can be installed. 

Select your first product collection category by clicking on one of the available category options on the left of the screen. You can now add your offer data file. Note the first product upload and matching needs to be performed manually, so please make sure to have the data files available locally on your computer.

Steps to upload your CSV file:

1. Under the Configuration tab, click on “Choose file” and select the encoding in which you set up your file (recommended format: Encoding: UTF-8; Separator: semicolon; Field delimiter: quotation mark; Escape character: backslash). If your screen doesn’t contain the message “Offer data configuration” at the top as per the image below, please reach out to your Miele contact.  

2. In most cases, your data file settings will be recognized automatically with no manual changes needed. In this case, you will be taken directly to the confirmation page.

3. In the case that your mandatory columns (name, price, offer URL, picture link, EAN) cannot be matched automatically due to a different naming structure you will be taken to an intermediate step which allows you to map the correct columns before completing the matching process.

This matching process either;

a) asks you to assign the four mandatory columns (name, price, offer URL, picture link) to their matching rows;

Click on “Next” and complete the data matching process.


b) asks you to assign your EAN-column (in case you named the column containing the EAN-codes differently). Click on “Next” and complete the data matching process.

4. After you have successfully completed the data matching, you will now need to set your settings for the automatic data update. To do so, please click on the “Schedule” tab, to the right of “Configuration”.

5. On the Schedule screen, input the required information for your automatic data feed and click on “Next”.

6. Schedule the automatic update keeping in mind your own data upload timings. For example, if the feed is updated on your server every morning at 07:45, then choose an update time of a few minutes after your update cycle (to make sure that the update on your side was completed successfully before it is auto-imported to the zoovu platform). Next, choose the appropriate frequency and pick the days on which the data updates should be completed.

Once you have completed the data matching and upload process for one product collection, please repeat this process for all of your other product collections.

Excursus: Alternative method for data matching by pasting your file URL 

It is also possible to skip the manual upload of the offer data and instead provide the URL to the server. To do so, click on “Paste file URL” and fill in your server information. This method is recommended only for users familiar with the platform, as identifying any issues in data matching is more complex.

Updated on October 14, 2019

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