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Working in the platform after integrating your assistants and filters

There are three different issues that you may need to deal with after going live with your assistants and filters.

1. Changing the data source for your offer data

Changes to the offer data are always automatically applied to the live assistants and filters. Therefore, it won’t matter if you are uploading a new static offer data file or adding a new source for your offer data (e.g. because your server has changed) – you won’t need to create new drafts for your assistant and filters and push them live again.

Simply make the changes in the “Data” tab and you are done. To revise how to work in the “Data” tab please refer to Step 3 of this manual.

2. Changing the design

In case you need to make adaptations to the assistant design (e.g. change the color scheme) you will need to do any changes in the top navigation tab “Web Design” – for a detailed description please refer to Step 2 of this manual.

If you have made changes to the design, you will only be able to see them in open drafts of an assistant or filter. Published or live assistants and filters (including your integrated assistant and filters) won’t be affected! 

After you are done with your changes and want to apply them to all assistants and filters you will need to create a draft for every single assistant and filter push them to live again. Only then the design changes will be visible in the integrated assistants and filters.

 3. Copying an assistant or filter

To copy an assistant or filter (e.g. because you need an additional copy to try something out) you need to follow these steps: 

1. Click on the assistant or filter you would like to copy

2. Click on the copy-icon on top of the page

3. Click on the copy-icon and type in a new name. Make sure you select the option “Copy advisor, keep reference to the same data” to make sure that you still refer to the original Product Collection containing Miele product data and your offer data.

4. Click on “Copy ”

5. Once this is done, the assistant is ready to use.

6. Go to the UI Tab and select the correct design (buyers-guide-sds)

Updated on October 14, 2019

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